Friday, November 24, 2006

Two quick web resources for teaching Israel

Just learned about each of these sites - they may be old news to you.

1. The website Maps of War hosts a 90-second Flash animation called "Imperial History of the Middle East" that summarizes with reasonable accuracy the rise and fall of imperial empires in the region, from Egypt through the contemporary era.

2. The photo-sharing resource Flickr hosts a variety of groups that are terrific for showing off contemporary life in Israel. For example, the Israeli Street Art group features over 1,000 photos of graffiti, stencils, and other forms of street art as seen on the streets of Israel, while the Florentin group has photos taken in this hip Tel-Aviv neighborhood. For thousands more options for photos from Israel - nature, cities, people, the war in Lebanon - check out The Israel Project group, or simply do a search for "Israel" in Flickr groups. Oh, and in the photo below, the Hebrew reads "love your neighbor as yourself" [Leviticus 19:18].

photo of Israeli street art

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Anonymous said...

Another great (and free) resource for high school students is the Israel HighWay -- a weekly email newsletter about Israel, with an in-depth weekly topic and sections on trips to Israel, school projects, sports and entertainment, student articles, etc. Teachers can sign up for a monthly educators guide as well.