Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Staff Appreciation: The Value of Informal Recognition

This is from Mifgashim Volume 8 Issue 69:

As staff appreciation events are taking place or being planned, schools might find worthwhile the results from a study of office staff recognition.

The top five most appreciated forms of recognition are:
  • verbal recognition (42%)
  • cash bonuses (19%)
  • additional time off (9%)
  • training or seminars (7%)
  • cards/notes (6%)
To view a slideshow presentation of the methodology and results, see

According to the findings, informal (generally verbal) recognition is most meaningful when it is timely, spontaneous, personal, and genuine. Other kinds of informal recognition that are widely appreciated include having a boss who is open to suggestions, having flexibility in managing one's schedule, being recognized in meetings with the management, and being asked to stretch by taking on new responsibilities and special projects. These kinds of recognition let staff members know that their input is valued and their skills and abilities are trusted and respected.

The Mifgashim List is a project of The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora, The School of Education, Bar Ilan University.