Friday, November 24, 2006

I'll make it fast in case we're running out of time...

Sue Fishkoff, the Jewish world's leading journalist on all things 20something, poses the question in the JTA today: Can the market sustain so many "New Jew" publications?

This year was particularly fecund for new print publications, with the arts quarterly Guilt and Pleasure launching in early 2006, American Jewish Life (formerly Atlanta Jewish Life) in September, and PresenTense in late October.

But some people wonder whether there’s a market to sustain all these ventures. One kid with a PC who doesn’t sleep much can run a blog, but a print publication — or an extensive Web presence sustained by advertising — requires real money.

Okay, full disclosure here: I have no intention for New Jewish Education to develop a huge web presence or create a print publication. But nevertheless, I wouldn't mind it if a few other insomniac kids with laptops would help share in the work, er, I mean, the JOY of updating the content here.

In any case, best of luck to you, Zeek, PresenTense, Nextbook, and the rest of you. May you live to one hundred and twenty.

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Ariel Beery said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Great blog--I'm sorry I only now heard of it.