Sunday, October 01, 2006

Breaking News from the JTA!

I just have to say that I love living in a world where this article is posted as "breaking news" by the JTA:

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen substitutes Hebrew for Kazakh in his satirical movie “Borat.”

The anti-Semitic Kazakh television personality, one of several satirical creations by Cohen, a British Jew, for his “Ali G” show, appears in his own movie next month.

In it, Borat takes leave of his ancestral village, telling one resident, according to the subtitle, “Doltan, I’ll get you a new arm in America.”

In fact, Cohen says in Hebrew, “I’ll buy you some kind of a new arm.”

Borat also parries with his wife in Hebrew.

Appalled by the success of the character, Kazakhstan’s government has launched a counter-campaign extolling the Central Asian nation’s virtues.

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