Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Kivunim Homepage

Kivunim: New Directions has launched a new homepage to publicize their 2007-8 "gap year" program in Israel. Founded by Peter Geffen (who also founded Manhattan's Heschel School), the program is based in Israel but includes regular travel to other countries, including Russia, Morocco and India. Coursework includes daily study of Arabic, because (according to the site) "we believe that the future of Israel in the Middle East will be built only by increased engagement with and knowledge of the Islamic and Arab world." The program provides up to 30 college credits.

They also run a two-week teacher training program which includes along with Israel education over the summer, applications for which are also available online.

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Shuli said...

I'm a big fan of programs that send Jews to other countries. And the Arabic piece is spot on.